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Your property will always experience the dark, but that shouldn’t take away your chance to see it in style. With Oakley Landscaping, we will work with you to install custom lights to brighten up your property. We have a variety of options, from basic LED systems to fully zoned and colored systems where you can pre-set different colors and programs for each individual fixture. Just think: no more having to pull out the colored Christmas lights!

If you already have invested in landscape lighting, we can still help you out! Beyond full-system installation, we can replace your old halogen bulbs with LED lights. We can also work with your current system to keep it adjusted and maintained. Whatever you need out of your landscape lighting, we will work with you to help you see your lawn in a new light.

Front Yard Lighting Installation in Bradenton Florida

Landscape Lighting Services

Walkway & Patio Lighting

Walkway and Patio Lights Installation in Bradenton Florida

It’s important that the walkways around your property are well lit, both for safety and for the appeal it gives your area. We can install this for you expertly!

Architectural Lighting

Professional House Lighting Installation in Bradenton Florida

Keeping your property lit is about more than just your lawn. The architecture is also important to cover with landscape lighting, and we’ll make sure to do that for you.

Water Feature Lighting

Professional Pool Lighting Installation in Bradenton Florida

Nothing could make a pool stand out more than the reflection of lights, but installation around water could be dangerous if you aren’t a professional like us.

Brighten Up Your Landscape

At Oakley Landscaping, we understand that every lawn is unique, and every client has different goals with what they want to shine on their property. We will work with you to design and install a system that fits your home well. We can upgrade your existing halogen landscape lights to more efficient LED bulbs, or offer systems where you can change the color with an app on your smartphone. Whatever solution is right for you, we will use our expertise to maintain its high quality for years to come.

Exterior Lighting Installation in Bradenton Florida

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