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The Florida coast, especially the Tampa Bay area around Sarasota, is no stranger to excess water. However, sitting water on your property can drastically harm the health of your lawn. We at Oakley Landscaping are pros at installing drainage solutions to redirect water and keep your landscape healthy. By surveying your property, we form a custom solution for our clients that provides results that you can be proud of.

While removing excess water is important, it’s also vital to make sure your lawn is watered properly to stay healthy. We offer every irrigation service you could need. Complete installation, upgrades, repairs, maintenance, watering schedule management — no matter what service you need, we can do the job with excellent quality and service. As landscaping professionals, we know what your individual property needs to thrive and will plan your irrigation systems accordingly.

Professional Irrigation Systems in Sarasota Florida

Irrigation & Drainage Services

Sprinkler System Installation & Maintenance

Sprinkler Installation and Maintenance in Sarasota Florida

We offer the best technology in the irrigation market for every step of installing and maintaining your sprinkler system.

French Drains & Dry Wells

Professional French Drain Installation in Sarasota Florida

No matter what specialty drain you need, we can survey your property and offer a solution to fit almost any landscape.

Landscape Grading

Professional Landscape Grading Services in Sarasota Florida

There’s a bonus to having full-service landscapers handle your irrigation and drainage needs: we will level your land if need be to make sure your lawn is fully provided for.

Keeping Your Landscape Safe and Hazard Free with Drainage Solutions

With a variety of systems and the latest technology, we can offer whatever drainage solutions are best suited for your property. Some of our drainage solutions include:

Downspout catch basins and piping
– Dry-wells
– Sump pits and sump pumps
– Channel Drains
– French Drains
– Foundation perimeter drains using NDS EZ-flow technology

We also understand that clients can have different goals with watering, and work towards these goals by working with several irrigation systems. We even can install and program smart controllers, such as Hunter’s Hydrawise WIFI smart controller or Rainbird’s TM2 WIFI controller, that can be monitored from your phone and will automatically adjust their program based on past and forecast weather and ET data.

Providing Consistent & Reliable Water Distribution with Irrigation Systems

In addition to our drainage solutions, Oakley Landscaping also offers a full suite of irrigation installations and services including:

Irrigation repairs and upgrades
• Irrigation maintenance and management plans
• Complete system installation.

At Oakley Landscaping we like to use some of the most advanced technology available in order to achieve water savings for our clients, as well as protect our valuable water resources. One example is Hunter’s Hydrawise WIFI smart controller or Rainbird’s TM2 WIFI controller. These can be monitored from your phone, and you can receive alerts based on pre-programmed settings.

These smart controllers will also automatically adjust their program based on past and forecast weather and ET data. Want to control your irrigation system with Alexa? We can set that up too!

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Since we are not just irrigation specialists, but also Full-Service Landscape professionals, not only do we have the ability to repair and maintain your irrigation system, but we understand the different water requirements that your landscaping requires and will program your system accordingly to ensure the long term health of your landscape.

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