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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us As Your Sarasota Landscaping Specialists?

These are some of the questions we are asked by prospective clients who are considering, or use our services.

1. Who will I be dealing with? At Oakley Landscaping (Sarasota's #1 Landscaper) you will be assigned 1 representative, who will be in-charge of all aspects of your property. This person reports directly to the owner, who will also be on-site regularly to ensure our high quality of service.

2. Are you insured? Oakley Landscaping (Sarasota's #1 Landscaper) is fully covered by complete Liability insurance. All of our employees are covered by Worker's Compensation. Be careful with contractors who may be insured, but pay their employees as uninsured contractors. Don't put yourself at risk, be sure to ask for copies of insurance before allowing any contractor to begin work on your property.

3. Are your employees trained? All of our employee's will at a minimum, have completed the Florida Best Management Practices Program. While this is required in Manatee County to be a landscape maintenance professional, in other counties this is not yet required. We insist on this training as a minimum prerequisite to work on our team. We hire experienced professionals, and work with expert contractors who specialize in their individual fields.

4. Do you have references? We are happy to provide you with references so that you may visit other properties that we maintain, or past projects that we have completed. We feel this is an important step so that you may evaluate the quality of work that we perform.

5. How long have you been in business? Oakley Landscaping (Sarasota's #1 Landscaper) has been serving the Sarasota area for over 30 years. Under new ownership since 2012, Oakley Landscaping is currently expanding its client base, serving from Venice to Bradenton and beyond!

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Oakley Landscaping is proud Member of the Florida Landscape Management Association

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Your Sarasota Area Landscaping Specialists!

Oakley Landscaping currently serves the greater Sarasota area, from Venice to Bradenton, including Siesta Key and Casey Key.

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